Rechargeable Toothbrush Reviews

We’re told that a rechargeable toothbrush can be the best way to care for our teeth- yet it’s a market that is so terribly saturated it seems impossible to navigate? How do you pick the best rechargeable toothbrush for your needs? Easy- we’re here to help you sift through rechargeable toothbrush reviews to find the right one for you.

Top Budget Pick:

Rechargeable Toothbrush Reviews,Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Powered by Braun (white) & Oral-B Cross Action Brush Head Refills 3 count Bundle

If there’s a downside to rechargeable toothbrushes, it’s that they tend to hit the pocket quite steeply. Not so for this one! This particular model from the Oral-B line-up uses their cross-action head, which specifically focuses on removing plaque at the gum line, with a rotating and pulsating mechanism to break up plaque.

There’s only one mode, but really, all you need for a good deep clean is one good mode. Being Oral-B, it’s also reliable and built to last. The whole range can take all of the Oral-B heads, so if you’d like to change to a more suitable head at a later date it will be easy.check my earlier post where I explained electric toothbrush heads.

Rechargeable toothbrush reviews always place this one highly as a budget pick. Users appreciate the simplicity and the dependency of the unit, alongside the pocket-friendly pricing.Oral -B pro comes with 3 cross action head refills and at $ 59.79 and Free shipping from Amazon, it`s worth every penny.

All the Bells and Whistles:

Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean

The Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean promises a lot- whiter teeth in one week, better and healthier gums in two, removal of over 10x the plaque compared to a manual toothbrush….the list goes on. The unit itself uses sonic pulses to deliver up to 31000 brush strokes per minute, as well as offering a pulse action that ensures the gum line and spaces between teeth are rendered ultra clean.

All of this may sound slightly scary if you have sensitive teeth, but the action itself is pretty gentle. It’s a 5 mode rechargeable toothbrush.

Rechargeable toothbrush reviews rate this version of the Sonicare range a resounding success. A popular feature is the long battery life, which can be up to 3 weeks when used according to the cleaning modes of the brush.Philips Sonicare cost $154.50 from Amazon with free shipping at the time of this post, another real value for money.

Best Gadget Pick:

Oral-B Pro 7000 Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Toothbrush.

As the world gets more and more digital, we’re seeing more gadgetry attach itself to even the simplest of appliances. The humble toothbrush is no different. This toothbrush offers 6 modes, but goes a lot more in-depth than you probably ever thought you’d need in a humble toothbrush.

This offers real-time feedback, focussing on your habits over time, giving you helpful oral care tips and warning you if you’re brushing too hard. The model ships with the Oral-B cross action head but this can be swapped out if you desire.

It’s definitely a gadget owner’s dream toothbrush- but what do rechargeable toothbrush reviews have to say about it? Well, the rather weighty base station that comes with this one is slightly off-putting- we can see why it’s necessary, but it’s not the easiest to store.

It doesn’t hit all the marks with customers, either. People don’t like the reduced battery life that the extra gadgetry comes with. It does also offer a touch too many features for the average consumer- but it perfect for those who love to tinker with everything.

Best Midrange Pick:

Waterpik Sensonic    Product Details

Waterpik has long offered a rechargeable toothbrush range to match with their water flossers. This brush model ships with three heads- one interdental, a standard and a more compact head- which all store within the charge base. It’s quite a clunky toothbrush, and won’t be your travel companion any time soon, but it’s a great price and offers a moderate amount of options for those who’d like something a little more than basic, but not venturing into the pricey territory of deluxe models.Waterpik Sensonic has over 4,000 positive reviews at Amazon and you know why great price and gets the job done.

And the rechargeable toothbrush reviews? Some users feel a ‘medium’ setting would have been useful, and the button to swap between cycles was a little sensitive. However, none faulted the cleaning job done. The timer is also more useful than in most models, as it allows you time to swap the brush between mouth sections before restarting.

The best advice we have for finding the right rechargeable toothbrush for you is to always look at rechargeable toothbrush reviews first- it saves you doing the experimenting with your wallet, and lets you know what to typically expect from your purchase.

The best place to buy any of the above toothbrushes is Amazon, competetive prizes and free shipping. To check more from Amazon Click herePlease note that prizes written here might change, what we give is the prize at time of writing.


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  1. Louise says:

    Great review! Really helpful!
    I’m on the search for a new electric toothbrush and I have been looking for one on a budget for quite some time. I don’t believe you have to spend over £60 to get an effective toothbrush – my previous one lasted 10 years – I changed the heads regularly of course. unfortunately i lost it on holiday so I’m thinking of purchasing the Oral-B Pro 1000 Sensi Soft Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush as it looks as if it would be just as good.

    Thanks for sharing

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