Electric Toothbrush Reviews And Ratings

Anyone thinking of buying an electric toothbrush will want to read reviews and ratings to make the right decision so we`ll look at some things to consider.

Electric toothbrushes: Which one is best for you?

Brushing is a part of our daily routine and essential for the oral hygiene. Electric toothbrushes have stepped up oral care by a notch or two by ensuring an easy and thorough cleaning of teeth and gums with little to no effort.

Although invented in the 1950s, the electric toothbrushes only gained popularity in the last decade or so. And now the markets are flooded with various types of electric toothbrushes. From cheap throwaways to expensive ones and from stylish ones to plain ones, you can find them all.

Each one of them has their own desirous qualities which only makes it difficult for the consumer to select the best and suitable one for them. And these toothbrushes are still evolving.

That is when the electric toothbrush reviews and ratings prove helpful. But how do you rate electric toothbrushes?

Electric Toothbrush Reviews And Ratings  OR     Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable Electric ToothbrushOR Product Details

Electric toothbrushes are generally divided into two categories: the vibrating ones and the rotating/ oscillating ones. The vibrating electric toothbrush is used similarly to the manual toothbrush while the rotating electric toothbrush does all the work while you hold it in place. Read an earlier post on choosing electric toothbrushes here if you missed it.

Besides the comfort and convenience that electric toothbrushes provide, there are other features that need to be taken into account before opting for one toothbrush. Below we will discuss the criterions on which the electric toothbrush reviews and ratings are determined on.

  • 1-How thoroughly the toothbrush cleans?

This is the first and foremost factor for rating an electric toothbrush. Its efficiency in plaque removal and cleaning the teeth and gums properly determines whether it is worth the cost or not.

To determine that, the electric toothbrushes from different brands and models are made to go through a certain number of cleanings and then the results are tallied up against each other.

This trial lasts for about days or maybe weeks depending on the number of cleanups the dentists and the examiners require for the tests.

The before and after readings of the trial are compared and the end result determines which electric toothbrush has the best cleaning ability and which does not.Woman, Dentist, Toothbrush, Tooth, Smile


  • 2-What is the battery life of the toothbrush?

Often many electric toothbrushes last around for long before they are in need of a recharge. To test that out, the toothbrushes are put to use twice a day as you would use it on daily basis. It gives us an estimate on how many times a 2-minute brushing can be done on one full charge.

The toothbrushes that use glass charger for recharge takes longer, i.e. from 10 hours to about a day or two. The one that uses USB charge quicker.

  • 3- Is the toothbrush comfortable to use and configure? 

It is important to feel comfortable with a product that is going to be a part of your daily life and will be used frequently.  Rating on the basis of ease of use and maintenance can also help determine the best electric toothbrush for you.

It should be easy to hold and easy to configure the settings and features of the toothbrush. There are many electric toothbrushes that come with speed changing buttons, switching cleaning change settings, etc. Several times they are difficult to understand and manage.  

  1. Is the toothbrush nice and quiet?

A noisy electric toothbrush is reminiscent of the visit to the dentist which may not be very appealing. And if the person has a sensitive hearing then it only makes it that much more unappealing.

Additionally, the electric toothbrush should feel nice and non-abrasive on gums and teeth. To rate on the basis of comfort is yet another way to rate an electric toothbrush.

Conclusion OnElectric Toothbrush Reviews And Ratings:

The main drawback of electric toothbrushes is that they are expensive. Even the cheapest electric toothbrush costs highly in comparison to the manual toothbrushes and their replacement batteries do not last for long.

And factoring in the periodic replacement of brush heads only makes it a much pricey investment. The other drawback is that the charging set-up is usually large and takes up a lot of cupboard space.

The electric toothbrush reviews and ratings help in making a right choice while buying an electric toothbrush for you.

The best place to buy electric toothbrushes online is Amazonwith a large selection of toothbrushes to fit any budget, Amazon is definitely the best place to shop, but you can check other online or offline stores.

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  1. Robby says:


    I enjoyed your brief post on the pros and cons about electric toothbrushes. I’ve never been the type to use electric brushes and this article further confirmed to me that I’ll stick to a traditional toothbrush. I think there are more drawbacks than there are benefits, at least in my humble opinion. I do like the fact that an electric one will do the job for ya, but really its just being lazy. Although going electric is not for me, I do believe this article can help anyone that is contemplating on make a clear cut choice. Thank you for this article!


    • Roseline says:

      Hi Robby

      I understand that electric toothbrush is not for you and you prefer manual toothbrushes,it cant be for everyone.Thanks for stopping by.

  2. David E says:

    Hi Rosline,

    After reading your article I am tempted to go electric again.

    In the past I have used the oscillating-rotating toothbrush with great results. My teeth felt cleaner and the brush did all of the work.

    I think the electric toothbrush is a fantastic invention and we need to use it more. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than the regular toothbrush, but it is an investment in proper dental hygiene.

    Thanks for the insightful info.

    • Roseline says:

      Hi David

      Not all people want to invest in electric toothbrushes which is understandable, someone even told me electric toothbrushes is for lazy folks.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Antonis Christonasis says:

    Hi Roseline!

    I am a fan of electric toothbrushes even though some dentists suggest to avoid them. A few days ago mine stopped working after many years of use and your post is exactly what I was looking for. I think now I have a clue on which toothbrush to buy! 🙂

    • Roseline says:

      Glad you found value reading my electric toothbrush reviews and it will make your purchase easy.

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