Causes Of Bad Breath Halitosis And How To Treat It

Halitosis which is also called bad breath is such a condition that makes you give off an unpleasant smell from your mouth and this can be so embarrassing and can eventually lead to psychological and emotional discomfort.
It is important to know that very many people have different kinds of bacteria breeding in their mouth. Actually, you may have thought that the bacteria cause bad breath but I may say that not all of them are as bad as they have been regarded.
Therefore, bad breath is not as a result of all the bacteria breeding in the mouth, but there are certain things that can make the bacteria turn into harmful ones that eventually create bad smelling compounds in the mouth hence stinking.
There are food portions that combine with saliva and turn into bad bacteria especially if proper oral care is not put in place.
Some bacteria play a big role in keeping your mouth healthy as they help in the digestion of food that we eat daily, hence preventing harmful bacteria from accumulating is what you need to do.
what causes bad breath if not the bacteria?

Causes of bad breath halitosis and how to treat it

Poor oral practices
Harmful bacteria easily collects in your mouth if you can’t practice oral hygiene. Plaque and tartar which are the best breeding places for bacteria develop and this may cause destruction to your teeth as well as giving you bad breath.
Bad smell develops when food particles linger in your mouth for a long time.
These food particles are trapped in between teeth, the debris in the mouth lining as well as on the tongue. However, when you don’t clean your mouth and teeth to get rid of these particles, harmful bacteria get attracted instantly and form a group.
These harmful bacteria carry bad compounds that cause bad breath. It is therefore important for you to uphold good and proper oral hygiene which may include regular brushing of teeth, flossing, and mouth rinsing.
In case of plaque and tartar collection in the teeth, seek medical care and treatment from a qualified dentist as soon as possible so as to stop them from spreading further.
 Dry mouth
 It is in a dry mouth that harmful bacteria breed because of the less moisture which gives them a conducive environment that keeps them working on.
It is advisable to drink enough water so that you retain moist in the mouth so as to prevent bacteria from forming harmful compounds in the body.
Saliva is a cleaning agent and is naturally produced in the mouth, but if the mouth goes dry, bacteria gathers on the teeth and eventually cause bad odor from the mouth. Therefore, when you drink enough water on a daily basis, your mouth gets cleaned and your breath too.
Another cause of bad breath is infections such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, and other similar conditions.
These infections carry harmful compounds which are absorbed at the bottom of the mouth and this causes a bad smelling breath. Other than this, there are some medical conditions that trigger bad breath like the kidney problems, diabetes, periodontitis, among others.
Medicine Causing Bad Breath?
different medication can cause bad breath and despite the fact that you practice proper oral care and keep your mouth moist, your breath may still have a foul smell. Such a situation can be due to some medical condition, specifically a sinus condition.
The foul smell occurs because there is excess mucus, that already has a foul-smelling compound, that collects on the tongue such that when the mucus comes into contact with the tongue, it stays there for a long time to create a breeding ground for bacteria which in turn causes bad breath.
It is, therefore, important to go for a regular medical check-up to see if you have a sinus problem or see a doctor and ask for proper medical treatment if you already have this condition.
Other types of infections may also lead to halitosis, just like the sinus infection. It is therefore, important to visit your physician so that you treat such infections properly to avoid bad breath.

On top of that, the taking of prescription drugs can also cause bad breath. There is a wide variety of prescription drugs, that when taken orally or even injected, can cause one’s breath to have an unpleasant smell.
Quit Smoking
 Smoking causes Bad breath
 Smoking also causes bad breath. It leads to plaque and tartar formation on the teeth which is a reason for bacteria build up in the mouth, hence bad breath. have very helpful tips to stop smoking click here to visit the site.
How to prevent Halitosis
It is not easy to pretend that bad breath is not there. In as much as it does not always cause serious dental and medical conditions, it can bring you more trouble than you expected.
It is a perfect cause of discomfort and embarrassment and can make you lose your confidence as the smell that comes out from your mouth makes the people you talk within close distance to cover their noses or even back off a bit.
 It is not only embarrassing but also disturbing and this can psychologically and emotionally bring you down.
Bad breath can be prevented and one such way is by practicing regular oral hygiene such as brushing of teeth after every meal and flossing twice a day. This is the most simple but effective way of preventing bad bacteria that cause halitosis in your mouth.
Mouthwash is therefore appropriate for complete cleaning of mouth and breath as brushing and flossing alone do not completely free your mouth from the food particles, hence the rinse scrapes off any debris left around the mouth and tongue lining.
Scraping the tongue is also a good way of preventing bacteria from reproducing and breeding in different areas of the mouth to further cause bad breath.
tongue scraper
Another important way of preventing halitosis is by drinking a lot of water throughout the day to keep your mouth hydrated to prevent the accumulation of bad compounds that form breeding places of harmful bacteria.

Regular visitation to your physician and dentist may help you know if you are suffering from the condition. If bad breath continues even when you practice proper oral care, it is evident that something is wrong with your medical condition and the right person to diagnose and provide treatment for this is your physician or medical doctor.
Check on your dental hygiene as you may find the Causes of bad breath halitosis and how to treat it with the above tips and gain your confidence among other people.
Bad breath has never been a simple matter. Thus, if you don’t want to be affected by the bad things that accompany it such as embarrassment, take care of your own hygiene and check regularly with your physician.
In a nutshell, proper oral care, drinking enough water on a daily basis, regular medical checkups as well proper treatment of certain medical conditions are some of the ways of preventing bad breath.
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