Best Rated Electric Toothbrush

It can be a daunting task to locate the perfect electric toothbrush since these can cost anywhere from $20 to $300 and have loads of features, all of which seem desirable in one way or the other but what can be considered best rated electric toothbrush.

We`ll look at different electric toothbrushes and try to rate them.

Moreover, the best rated electric toothbrush is not necessarily the best value electric toothbrush.

Most people use the services of ranking websites. But here too the dilemma continues because no two websites rank the toothbrushes in the same order.

Electric Toothbrush Rankings can differ from one year to another.

The best rated electric toothbrush would obviously have all the desirable basic features that are possible with technologies available at that point of time.

In addition, such electric toothbrushes would not burn the pockets, i.e., they would remain affordable, last long enough to be worth the money.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

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What Do Electric Toothbrushes Have?

The basic features and performance requirements of best rated electric toothbrushes can be broadly divided into essentials, desirable, avoidable. Here is a list of essential basics that may be expected of an electric toothbrush.

  • Operates on power;
  • Is durable;
  • Is easy to use;
  • Does its job well, i.e., it removes plaque, cleans the teeth, and takes care of your gums; and
  • Is affordable
  • Comes with warranties and guarantees

The list of other features that could be desirable in an electric toothbrush includes

  • Portability;
  • Changeable brush heads;
  • Flossing system
  • Superior technology for better results.
  • Tongue cleaning system
  • Comes with “Seal of acceptance” from “American Dental Association”

The features that could fall under “avoidable” in an electric toothbrush could include

  • Timer;

  • Real-time feedback on your brushing with pressure sensor;
  • Power brushing
  • Multiple brushing “modes”
  • UV sanitizers;
  • Comes with customer support.

Of course, these lists are not exhaustive and all such features, whether essential, desirable, or avoidable, can be improved upon.

Top-ranked Electric toothbrushes are ranked according to the effectiveness of each such feature in them.

At times there are compromises in the cost to accommodate a better quality feature. Different ranking sites also vary in their classifications of features.

Therefore, some rating sites may consider warranties and guarantees to be desirable and not essential.

Likewise, others may consider ADA’s acceptance seal as avoidable to bring down the cost. This is one of the reasons the rating of the same product differs from one site to another.

Implied Features Of Electric Toothbrushes
A feature such as “portability” for example, could import many other aspects of evaluation.

The moment you add that as your requirement, batteries come into the picture, and correspondingly the weight of the electric toothbrush also becomes important.

A choice is also between conventional batteries and rechargeable batteries. You might have to pay more for rechargeable ones, but in the long run, it will be a better choice.

You also realize that if you could dismantle the gadget separating its head, it can be packed more easily in your kit bag.

Note that when you read those consumer reports electric toothbrushes seemed like once in lifetime expenses.

But in reality, customers were only talking and ranking the gadget and not the brushes attached to it.  To that extent, these ratings may be slightly skewed.

Interchangeable Electric Toothbrush Heads

Luckily, most electric toothbrushes that seem fairly expensive, allow you to replace those brush heads.

It is also not essential that the basic gadget be compatible only with brush heads from the same brand.

(check an earlier post on electric toothbrush heads here if you missed it)

If that is the case, the gadget would not be of any use if, for some reason, the brush head was not available.

Therefore, most of the electric brushes that have such removable brush heads can be used with other brush heads as well.

Electric Toothbrushes Complimentary Features

Including flossing in your list of requirements is a good idea. After all, flossing prevents tooth decay because of food particles remaining in between the teeth.

Likewise, you look for warranties, guarantees, UV sanitizer, and approval from American Dental Association. You also want a more customizable gadget with multiple modes for brushing Like this one here.

But the most important feature of any toothbrush, whether manual or electrical toothbrush, would be the way it brushes the teeth.

The electric toothbrush needs to have just enough pressure in its oscillation, rotation, and other movements, to be able to remove plaque, without hurting your gums, and keep your mouth free from gingivitis.Read more on curing gingivitis here

You get options such as sonic or vibrating and oscillating care. In general, people prefer oscillating electric toothbrushes even though both types of technologies offer almost similar results.

Best value electric toothbrush would, therefore, be a product that includes essential and desirable qualities at lowest possible cost, without compromising on the quality of brushing.

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Since personal valuations too different from those of rating websites, you would need a checklist of features and qualities you want in your electric toothbrush and evaluate the product against it.

Based on consumer reports, electric toothbrushes can be rated depending upon various stated and implied features.

Best Value Electric Toothbrushes For Now

Phillips Sonicare FlexiCare PlatinumPhilips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Non-Connected Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush, Grey

It ranks high in designing which make it comfortable to handle.

Overall weight is 4.75 ounces. The heaviest of similar toothbrushes making it to top 10 weighs 6.75 ounces, whereas the lightest one weighs 4.25 ounces.

Its battery life lasts for 21 days. Cheaper alternatives have batteries that last for only 7 days on a charge. Some last for 10 to 14 days.

It comes with two brush heads and the sonic mode, gum massaging mode, a mode for sensitive teeth, and pressure sensitivity.

There is a UV sanitizer, but it lacks flossing. Avoidable features include travel case and timer.

This toothbrush also comes with two years warranty. The customer support offered includes help through email and phone.

Phillips Sonicare FlexiCare Plus
This one is similar to the Phillips Sonicare FlexiCare Platinum. Major differences are it is not as easy for handling. It is a tad lighter since it weighs just 4.5 ounces.

It lacks pressure sensitivity and UV sanitizer. It also comes with only one brush head.

While it does offer same warranties and guarantees, it does not offer customer support comprising of emails or phone calls.

Phillips Sonicare DiamondCleanPhilips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush w/Deep Clean Mode with Adaptive Clean Brush Head, Blackread customer reviews button

This product also has sonic technology integrated into it.

It resembles Sonicare Flexicare Platinum product in many ways. The reduction in cost is because of missing features such as lack of pressure sensors and UV sanitizer.

Oral B Precision Black 7000Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun

This toothbrush is slightly heavier, i.e., it weighs approximately 5.75 ounces.

Its design is also not easy to handle when compared to some of the other electric toothbrushes available in the market.

The battery life on one charge lasts merely 10 days. It does not have the sonic mode, but it comes with Bluetooth and a notification screen instead, which obviously features that are not really necessary or even desirable.

Many buyers would have preferred an online manual, which is not there with this electric toothbrush.

The saving grace is that the buyer can get customer support through emails and phone calls.

It also does not have UV sanitizer nor does it have pressure sensitivity.  There are no warranties for this toothbrush. However, it comes with 3 brush heads.

Oral B Smart Series 5000 

This is the most affordable electric toothbrush of the lot because it is available for approximately $100. It weighs  5.60 ounces, and its battery life lasts for about 10 hours with one charge.

It comes with only one brush head though. (check more on toothbrush replacement heads here)Pressure sensitivity is included in it, and it even has Bluetooth connectivity but lacks the separate screen. There is no UV sensitizer in this as well.

No warranties and guarantees are offered with this electric toothbrush either but FAQ and customer support are offered through the phone as well as emails.

Consumer Reports Electrical Toothbrush

Consumer reports on Electric toothbrush do matter though they cannot be the only way to evaluate and decide which is the best rated electric toothbrush.

For example, many people prefer Oral B Precision Black 7000 over Phillips Sonicare products. The reason could be the costs and they may have opted to compromise on warranties and guarantees for that.

That said, many of the features that Phillips Sonicare products include are not really necessary.

Note that all the above products are not comprehensive products, i.e., none of them have flossing feature, and only two of the above have pressure sensitivity feature.Check dental flossing products here.

Product Details

Therefore, people who want features such as pressure sensitivity, flossing, and UV sanitizers would have to select accordingly rather than opting for a product ranked highest or product that is the cheapest among the first five.

Where To Buy Electric Toothbrushes

electric toothbrushes can be purchased online from different vendors but the best place to purchase is Amazon.

Reasons to Buy From Amazon

  • Safe and secure shopping.
  • free shipping on selected articles.
  • Read reviews from users before purchasing.
  • Return policy.
  • Wide selection
  • Easy shopping
  • Quick shipping

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Conclusion On Best Rated Electric Toothbrush:   

Remember developing an electric toothbrush is an ongoing process. Therefore, the electric toothbrush that you like today may have limited features when compared to an electric toothbrush that may be available in the market about 10 years later since technologies also change.

It may mean that the products with older technologies become cheaper because of more competition.

It may also mean that obsolete technology is completely removed from the market.  Effectively, criteria for rating the electric toothbrushes would also change over a period.

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