Bad Breath Remedies

Bad Breath Remedies

If you have ever suffered from bad breath or know someone who has, it is a problem you would like to alleviate as soon as possible and as easily as possible. There are many ways to accomplish this using bad breath remedies, and they can be broken down into three different categories.

Home Remedies

These remedies will clean your mouth with simple ingredients using simple ideas. Many of them will also work immediately.

To freshen up your breath, there are a number of plants you can suck on or pop into your mouth to add some freshness. These include things like fennel, basil, mint, and cloves.

Another all-natural way to help your breath is by drinking water. It will rinse out your mouth and can wash away some of the things that are causing a smell.  You may rinse with it and spit it out, or keep drinking it to stay hydrated.

It is also safe to chew on lemon or other citrus fruit for a fresh mouth every now and then, whether it is the actual fruit or the rind.

You can even try your hand at making different mouthwashes, rinses, and toothpastes, to use in a pinch or instead of professional grade products.

These are solutions like water and baking soda pastes for scrubbing, or sloshing around a mixture of peppermint oil and water as a rinse.

A highly effective rinse to try is apple cider vinegar. Place 2 tablespoons in 8 ounces of water and drink when you wake up.

If you don’t want to drink it, try just 1 tablespoon in 4 ounces of water as a rinse. This will not only clean your breath, but it will kill unwanted germs.

If you want to change your breath, you can also eat or drink something. Hard fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples will stimulate saliva and can clean some of the material off of your teeth while you chew.

Moreover, green or white teas are great for drinking because they have antioxidant properties and don’t add caffeine to the mix.

It is better to drink these types of teas hot, but they may also be enjoyed iced, as long as too much sugar isn’t ingested with them.

Remedies for Purchase

If you watch television or visit stores, you know there are a wide range of products for cleaning your mouth and breath.

You may want to check out a new type of toothpaste or toothbrush if you have been using yours for quite a while. It is recommended that you change out your toothbrush at least 3 times a year.

There are also different types of mouthwashes to choose from, including types that freshen breath and others that disinfect it.

Keep an eye out for flosses, toothpicks, and tongue scrapers. These are helpful products that can help you reach even more of the smelly tartar and plaque that gets stuck in teeth.

Additionally, there are flossing devices that use a stream of water to remove the food stuck in teeth, which have become very popular as of late and are effective, as well as fun to use.

They don’t involve any extra chemicals and work just like floss.

Furthermore, there are dozens of different sugar-free gums and mints to choose from to keep your mouth smelling good and fresh.

It is a good idea to keep some on you at all times, in case you don’t have time to brush your teeth in between meals or after you have eaten something pungent.

Finally, there are a plethora of other types of products that offer different benefits for your mouth. One of these products is found in “The Bad Breath Report”, which help users end all types of bad breath.

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If you are concerned about your breath not smelling right, you may want to see your dentist or doctor. It could be a symptom of a bigger health problem or a side effect of a pill that you take.

You may also want to get your teeth cleaned regularly if you are having a big problem to make sure your teeth are as healthy as can be.

In extreme cases, you could possibly need dental work to fix the problem. You may also have another medical cause for the problem that has to be addressed, such as sinusitis or acid reflux.

Other Tips

Even though bad breath doesn’t smell good, is annoying, and may be plaguing your life, it is usually not a serious concern.

If it only happens from time to time for you, it is probably just due to a dry mouth or because you ate something with some overpowering ingredients.

It is a good idea to limit your intake of these types of foods if you are highly concerned. This includes onions, garlic, and heavy sauces, like curries.

You should also consider rinsing out your mouth or brushing after every drink and meal. You do not want what you’re taking in to keep smelling up your breath, so it needs to be effectively washed off.

Conclusion On Bad Breath Remedies

There is no cure for bad breath that will work for everyone. It’s on a case by case basis and changes from person to person. This is why it is important to pick a few ways you like that work for your mouth and institute them regularly.

It may also be a good idea to keep up with your dental checkups and check your teeth every day to make sure there are no problems or abnormalities.

Other than that, it is best to check out what is out there and try a bit of everything to find a long-term fix using bad breath remedies. For example, you may want to try a mixture of apple cider vinegar, gum, and even download some helpful literature like the kind found in the Bad Breath Report to further your knowledge.

It is highly recommended that you go with your gut when you are searching for solutions and trying new things, as you are the only person that knows for sure what you can handle.


  1. My daughter has suffered from tonsil stones for several years now and they cause absolutely unspeakably bad breath. What type of doctor removes tonsil stones?

    • Roseline says:

      Hope this helped

    • Roseline says:

      Tonsil stones is known to cause bad breath,so to fight bad breath you`ll first need to have the tonsil stones removed.

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