Bad Breath from Stomach

Bad Breath from Stomach

There is a litany of different reasons why someone may have bad breath. They could be lax about brushing or visiting the dentist, or they may have dental work that they don’t maintain properly. Both of these reasons are relatively straightforward.

However, one reason that you may not suspect as a culprit for bad breath is stomach issues, also known as digestive issues. Your stomach is connected to the mouth through the esophagus, which has a valve that keeps its contents where they belong.

Of course, sometimes there may be a problem with the valve not doing what it should, which can cause serious problems with the stomach and inside the mouth. This, in essence, can cause unwanted odors that are upsetting.

In fact, many types of problems with your stomach can cause your breath to not be as fresh as you would like.

For instance, you may possibly have sinus issues or postnasal drip contributing to your foul breath. These ailments not only smell up your mouth, but they can also mess up the harmony of your intestines, making them function in a less than ideal manner.

Furthermore, your stomach issue could be related to a poor diet, including one that is high in fat, sugar, spicy, and/or pungent foods. You may also have obstructions in your bowels or have too many toxins sitting in your body that need to get out.

If you have too much of anything in your digestive system, for instance, acid, yeast, or food waste, then your digestive system will have a hard time keeping up.

Finally, the most serious stomach issue that you could be suffering from is one that would require a prescription from a professional.

You may have a medical condition that seems unrelated that could be causing your mouth to have a foul odor, such as acid reflux or a liver disorder.

Alternatively, a medicine you already take could have a side effect that is causing malodor. If you think this may be the case, it is important to talk to your doctor about where the problem is possibly coming from.

Treatment and Prevention

If you are someone suffering from any of these problems, there is good news. Most of these causes have easy treatment options.

These options are also designed to help you prevent future occurrences, and most of them are quite easy to follow. As a bonus, they also promote other positive changes in your body.

Fix Your Diet: Eat foods that you know are good for your body. For instance, when you eat fiber and crunchy vegetables, it not only cleans your mouth and teeth, but it provides fiber to your body to get things moving again.

There won’t be a lot of gunk sitting in your intestines when you are eating a balanced diet. Besides that, these healthy foods have vitamins and minerals, which help with tasks like helping bones and teeth stay strong.

There is also a long list of foods to stay away from if you are susceptible to odors in your mouth including onion, garlic, cheeses, fish, coffee, and different types of alcohol.

Homeopathic Remedies for Bad Breath from Stomach?

Try Homeopathic Remedies: There are a ton of homemade remedies out there for fixing occasional bad breath, especially if it is a stomach or gut problem. Many of these remedies offer a change in acidity for the mouth and stomach.

For instance, if you drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, it can help clean the mouth, correct stomach acid problems, and offer a laxative effect.

The same goes for a baking soda and water toothpaste. Other solutions are ginger or herbal teas and drinking lots of water. Furthermore, another good remedy can be found within the

The same goes for a baking soda and water toothpaste. Other solutions are ginger or herbal teas and drinking lots of water. Furthermore, another good remedy can be found within the Bad Breath Report, which explains how easy it can be to cure bad breath and keep it away.

Try Professional Remedies: If you want a commercial or professional solution, there are many available to buy. These include different types of laxatives, probiotic drinks, gums, toothpaste, mouthwashes, and more.

Another professional way to handle your breath problem is to regularly visit your dentist for check-ups and cleanings, as well as any necessary dental work.

Besides that, keeping your mouth clean with daily brushings, rinses, and flossing is helpful in ensuring your mouth stays clean and aroma free.

Other options: There are some people that think your stomach may be trying to tell you something if it is making your breath smell a bit off.

The recommendation is a cleanse to clear out the toxins and intestines. This should clean out your stomach and digestive system so that nothing is backing them up or causing them to misbehave.

If there is still a problem after cleansing, you may want to switch to a gluten-free or raw food diet, to see if that helps your digestive system.

There may be a problem with the way you digest foods, or you may have an allergic reaction to something you regularly ingest, click here to read more.

This can be remedied by ruling out different substances in your diet that may cause you problems and visiting with your doctor to perform allergy tests.


The best ways to treat your breath are also the same ways you can prevent unwanted breath odor from reoccurring. If you stick to a few simple principles in regard to your health and well-being, your mouth should stay fresh, even if a stomach problem is plaguing you.

This includes eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of fluids, and making sure you have been checked out by a doctor if you think something is wrong.

Additionally, there are other simple and commercial techniques to consider if you want to lessen stinky breath and freshen up your mouth.

No matter which ways you decide to help your body out, you can find helpful books and tips in stores and online, such as the report found at “The Bad Breath Report”, which attempts to offer up a solution that is not known to everyone to permanently fix bad breath.

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