5 Best Tongue Scrapers for Bad Breath

Tongue Scraper

Do you struggle from bad breath? Do you brush your teeth every day to no avail? Perhaps you even use mints and gum to help clear up some of that unfavorable odor. If you’re having trouble getting rid of your bad breath, it may be because you are ignoring one of the most crucial areas: The tongue.

Although it is difficult to think about, the tongue can harbor a lot of bacteria from the food and drinks we consume. The longer you avoid scraping your tongue, the more prone you are to having that permanent bad stench in your mouth.
Fortunately, tongue scrapers are an affordable and easy-to-use application that, when used regularly, can greatly reduce your symptoms of bad breath. A review of the top 5 tongue scrapers for bad breath can help you pick the best and keep your mouth feeling – and smelling – good.

Here are my top choices of the best tongue scrapers in no particular order

1. Wouty Tongue Scrapers

Quality Cleaners Tongue Scrapers Made from Anti-Bacterial, BPA Free Plastic.Tongue Scraper Gives Fresh Breath and Better Taste, Tongue Cleaner is Best Oral Care for Halitosis. THE Tongue Cleaners!

If you’re new to tongue scrapers, Wouty Tongue Scrapers might be one of the easier options. They are made of a durable plastic rather than metal, which makes it flexible against the fluidity and movement of your tongue. These scrapers are very easy to use.
They only require one hand to use, and simply require a swipe down the tongue before sitting out to dry. You can fit it in your regular toothbrush holder, as it takes up no space at all.
There are two sides to these tongue scrapers. One side faces outward, which is intended for use in the direct center of your tongue. The other side offers a smooth curve, which is great for the tongue’s more sensitive areas.

Wouty tongue scrappers cost $ 8.90 at Amazon, prizes may differ in other stores.The best place to buy  Wouty tongue scraper online is Amazon as you have a chance to choose other options and benefit from Amazon free shipping.

2.Dr. Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

This tongue scraper is one of the most popular tongue cleaners on the market, as it offers a durable way to scrape bacteria off of your tongue. The scraping band is constructed of metal, which curves in a way that easily reaches the harder to touch spots on your tongue.

Although the scraper is vast, it is guaranteed not to gag or hurt you. The easy grip makes it so that you won’t push too hard and cause yourself to bleed if it’s your first time.
Each scraper comes with a fiber pouch for you to store it in a hygienic location. This scraper uses advanced technology, which can be great for a beginner or an experienced scraper alike.It comes in a pack of 6 for $27.23 so it`s well worth the money you invest.

Dr. Tung's Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner 1 ea ( Pack of 6 ),Tongue Scrapers

3. Tongue Sweeper – Model P

This scraper offers a unique hybrid design, offering a sleeker shape that almost resembles an old-fashioned body thermometer. It incorporates both plastic and metal, offering a U-shape at the tip of the scraper for ease of control and flexibility.
The slender handle fits well in most toothbrush holders and can be used with one hand to help with comfort on the tongue. It is a versatile scraper that can be used by people of all ages.Check my earlier post on

It is a versatile scraper that can be used by people of all ages.Check my earlier post on toothbrushes.
Another unique factor about this scraper is that it comes with a silicone band around the head to make it easily identifiable.

Tongue sweeper -Model P is available online at Amazon  for $35.53. Please note that the image below is of a different product, but you can go to Amazon to get Tongue sweeper-model P

Tongue Scrapers

4. GUM Tongue

This tongue scraper is a perfect hybrid between the Tongue Sweeper and the Wouty Scraper, offering a mix of plastic and single-piece use. Although, this model is significantly more narrow.

It allows you to navigate deeper into your throat, hitting those hard to reach spots on the back of your tongue to get rid of the most bacteria buildup.
A helpful feature of this scraper is that you can actually add a small portion of toothpaste to the front, as it offers slight bristles that can help brush and cleanse the tongue. Plus, it adds to a more pleasant tasting experience as well.
This tongue scraper comes in a variety of colors for a customizable fit.You can purchase Gum Tongue at Amazon for $5.99

Butler GUM 2-in-1 Tongue Cleaner (1 Cleaner),Tongue Scrapers

5. HealthAndYoga™ Copper Tongue Cleaners

Perhaps the most uniquely shaped tongue scrapers on the market, these cleaners by HealthAndYoga™ are easily some of the best tongue scrapers for bad breath. It resembles a pair of tweezers or a small woodworking tool. This can be used on all angles of the tongue, and the dual grip makes it easy to get into tough and hard to reach spots.

This is one of the best tongue scrapers for removing a buildup of plaque and bacteria on your tongue. Plaque is the leading contributor to bad breath, so it’s best to get it removed as quickly as possible.
These scrapers come in a pack of 12 for easy reusability and for $.37.00 from Amazon so it`s well worth the money Feel free to share them with friends and family members and start ending the bad breath habit for good!

Hope my post has helped you decide on choosing the best tongue scrapper for your needs.Have any questions then leave me a message below.


  1. Ricardo says:

    I think if I had to pick between these five tongue scraper, I think that I would go with Dr. Tungs stainless steel tongue cleaner. The only reason why I would choose Dr. Tung’s is that my tongue is very sensitive when it comes to cleaning my tongue and it’s guaranteed that it wont gag me.

  2. PatSID says:

    Thanks for introducing us to so many options for scraping the tongue — a very necessary thing to do. I usually just brush my tongue when I’m cleaning my teeth, but I also know the value of scraping the tongue.

    After reading your article, I think I am going to invest in a tongue scraper.

    • Roseline says:


      It`s true most people ignore using tongue scrapers but we should include it more in our oral hygiene.Glad you see a good reason to start using a tongue scrapper.

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